Les Loups du Ranch
Les Loups du Ranch

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Chiots Berger Belge Malinois

Mariage de Locky et Opale Naissance aux alentours du 26 juin 2020

Chiots Berger belge Malinois

Mariage de Lenox et Nazca Naissance aux alentours du 05 juillet 2020

Chiots Berger Belge Malinois

Mariage de Lenox et N'wing chun Naissance prévue aux alentours du 03 juillet 2020

Our Malinois breeders

I'django Les Loups Du Ranch

django_1.jpgThis dog does not leave indifférent.Sa middle bodyguard, calm but also intractability in protecting  His power in the attacks, stability in family life makes Django a Malinois that.  I will not forget.  I take a real pleasure to work with this dog.  I hope all those who have a son or daughter of this stallion can find the same satisfaction.

Born on : 2013-06-17 Male


ibryde_1.jpgIbryde this young bitch shines for its perfect balance.
His father E'Red Bull From The Bench Hermelles gives it stability and sportiness. 
the side of his mother spy in the Crocs Luvry color brings himpower and bite mouth background Belgian type.

Born on : 2013-08-30 Female

Lenox Des Loups Du Ranch

lenox_1 (1).jpgThis future standard for a story, he did not have the chance to have had a good last maman.Cette to killed her siblings at the age of 6 days.  Only survivor my wife to recover in Lenox home, days and nights succeeded bottles, stimulation, France and other gestures that biological mom should have éffectués Today Lenox is a powerful young male, protective, powerful in defense and excercises. protection.  His relationship with my wife and we no longer talk fusion dressage but complicity.  a six days Lenox had no future there today in a story.  This story I'd share with you as and its evolution. 

Born on : 2015-10-27 Male


llobo_1.jpgLobo says wolf We all want this kind of little bitch, nice thinking only to please you and all with a very interesting LOF.

Born on : 2015-11-05 Female

Lypop Des loups du ranch

lypop_1.jpgLyop says Axa
This young bitch at work in the blood, her aptitude for work & nbsp;  is impressive.  Lypop is cut from a Lumberjack physique. 

Born on : 2015-10-04 Female


lironie_1.jpgIrony says Iona is the Malinese in all her splendor.Nervous, fast, close to her master, not to say in love.  Very good aptitude.

Born on : 2013-11-05 Female


lexomil_1.jpgLexomil said Laika this latest acquisition enjoys a LOF Interesting.This little dog beneath her look sympathetic and playful, we to show qualities of biting defense and protection that we were surprised.

Born on : 2015-12-24 Female

Lol Du Domaine Des Lions Noirs

lol_1.jpgLol is a small female who has a lineage and a rather unusual intelligence, fast and lively this little bitch is very pleasant to live.de plus its very toned physique and super expressive head does not leave indifferent. 

Born on : 2015-12-05 Female

Nada Des crocs de sentinelles

nada_1.jpgNada my choice is focused on this female because I had the chance to see her father worked (Darwin).  I would like her to bring back to her descendants this courage and bravery.  Nada has more of a physique and a very beautiful powerful head. 

Born on : 2017-03-25 Female

Nazca Des Feux De L'espoir


Born on : 2017-12-24 Female

Locky Du Banc Des Hermelles

locky_1.jpgLocky says Rocky an old-fashioned Malinois.
This dog with a strong character is not impressed by anything or anyone.
Its origins let us predict the best on the puppies of this warrior with the coal dress and the black head.

Born on : 2015-08-06 Male

Nwinchun Du Lac Des Lotus


Born on : 2017-11-04 Female


natie_1.jpgNatie says Jazzy this female has the look of Duchess has a strong LOF.Que this pretty female is content to seduce the males we propose him and we are certain that genetics will do the rest of the work.

Born on : 2017-10-24 Female


randal_1.jpgNépal dit Randal

Born on : 2017-06-06 Male

Radja Des Feux de Wotan

radja_1 (1).jpg

Born on : 2018-05-11 Female

Opaline Des Loups Du Ranch

Les Loups du RanchOpaline says Opal

Born on : 2018-05-20 Female