Les Loups du Ranch
Les Loups du Ranch

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Mariage de Natie dit Jazzy et de Lenox Les bébés sont nées le 05 avril 2022 Ils sont 3 mâles et 4 femelles


Mariage de Nazca dit Nina et Lenox Les bébés sont nées le 27 mars 2022 Ils sont 2 mâles et 6 femelles

About us

Les Loups du Ranch

A passion for working dogs for over 30 years.

Les Loups du Ranch Although having little interest in canine sports (Ring, Countryside, Miondioring ...). I started in clubs around 14 to 15 years old, from sporting dogs, night guard dogs as we said at the time and of all races, BA, Beauceron, Belgian Malinois, Bouvier, and even Great Danes.

I was quickly drawn to working dogs (Police, Gendarmerie, Military, Security) these dogs fascinated me, working with people who relied on their companions not to hang another plaque or cup, but for a safety mission, a real mission that could deteriorate at any time and this is where the true animal character must be sturdy and its training must be flawless because those who have worked in such a real environment know that each case is different.

This is why I specialized in protection work, several races are eligible for this type of use, but the Malinois is undoubtedly the most suitable dog.

So I bred dogs for character and physical traits but also for mental skills, prone to defense work.

Our males :

Our breeders are from working lines (dog sport)

Our females :

They are not selected on their ability to score but on their powerful physics, with sizes that make them suitable for real work, a certain hardness of character, a strong mindset.

Our males and females must be comfortable in all environments. The natural guardian character is desirable.

My dogs must be respectful of their masters and the family in which they live but I think a working dog that want to have fun with everyone is not desirable.